Dear darling Reader, that, as they say, is that.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our little dog-and-pony show—Tony and I certainly had an absolute blast making The Amazing Adventures of Cat Prentis and we hope you enjoyed it half as much as we did in crafting it.

But, really, to begin at the beginning, I should start with the acknowledgements. First and foremost (sorry, Tony), I’d be the worst sort of person if I did not thank my very own Queen of Love and Beauty for her support and perhaps more importantly, her patience while I toiled away after the midnight hour. Thanks, sweetie.

And of course, thanks (and a hearty huzzah!) to my partner-in-crime, Tony Gazso, for his artistry, skill and dedication.  Cat was very much a meeting of the minds and the comic would not have been nearly as good, were it not for his input and vision (to say nothing of all the—you know—pictures, he added parenthetically).

I also have to thank all those poor souls (you know who you are) on whom I foisted my early drafts upon and whose critiques help shape and enhance what eventually became our little tale.  Moreover, to all those friends and family who has to endure me nattering on about the comic…thank you for listening and/or pretending to listen.

Lastly, but not in importance, Tony and I want to thank YOU, our Dear (darling) Reader, for allowing us to entertain you for a few seconds every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Really, when we started this, I figured our readers would involve, you know—pretty much just my mom (hi, Mom). But with each update, more and more of you showed up and stayed shown up from page-to-page and chapter-to-chapter and we’re both so thrilled to know that our little effort was good enough to hold your attention. So really—thank you SO much, Dear Reader, for not only being excessively good-looking, but also for having such wonderful taste.

So! What’s the future? Tony and I are figuring it out presently, but to assure you, we both want to make Volume 2 happen (entitled “The Dragon of Brooklyn”—how’s that for a teaser?), it’s just a matter of working out the details and the time-table.

If you’d like to stay informed about when Vol. 2 launches, the best thing to do is sign up for our newsletter–don’t worry, we won’t bombard you with notices, and we’ll only use it to let you know when the next track in Cat’s story is dropping. You can sign-up for the newsletter here.

And I think that’s about it. Again (and again), thank you so much, Dear Reader, for joining us!

Be seeing you.