After snapping a picture of the original manuscript of Shakespeare’s The Tempest, Cat is bombarded by a vision of an elderly man on a lonely island, warning her of sudden danger.

Sure enough, Cat gets violently ill as a familiar, if however grotesque, “friend” makes an appearance. Emma, rarely impressed, confronts our villain…

…only to, well…

Cat digs down and “Kirby-crackles” the snakes away and, shall we say, invites her new friends to run away as fast as possible as our black-eyed, black-hearted boy smash-’n-grabs The Tempest manuscript, only to be sorely disappointed.

Which begs the question: What does he want with the script and why’s he so unhappy about it? Could it be, as G.B. Shaw teaches us, that there’s only two tragedies in life—not getting what you want and getting what you want? Could be, but probably not, so stay tuned for more story!

‘Til Wednesday!